Forte – A strong ability. Something that a person can do well.

Vision – The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

Forte Vision is the choice for bespoke cars, body bucks, 3D scans & CAD.


Forte Vision promotes the beauty of the understated. Our commitment lies in crafting vehicles that exude a refined elegance, striking a balance between harmonious designs, premium materials, and impeccable artistry. We draw inspiration from the inherent beauty of nature and have a deep respect for traditional techniques.

Mitchell Special MKII.

Beyond serving individual clients, Forte Vision is a trusted choice for leading car restoration businesses, evident in our extensive portfolio. We have successfully delivered numerous custom projects for private clients, restorers, and motor manufacturers worldwide.

Uniquely, we follow a project from the overall brief, 3D scan(s), design of the car, and tooling such as car body bucks through to completion. We include in this overseeing manufacture and assembly. Delivery is within a custom made wooden crate as used to happen in a bygone era.

Steady “Barker” Special.


Collaborating with skilled workshops and artisans, we operate on a made-to-order basis. These collaborators are not just suppliers, they are valued professional specialists chosen for their workmanship and dedication to preserving traditional skills.

During your Forte Vision bespoke car journey, we encourage you to meet these craftspeople, providing a first-hand glimpse into the skill, materials, and time they are investing in your unique vehicle.

From buck, to English wheeling a panel. Traditional tooling used by the best people.

By blending time-honoured techniques with modern advancements like CAD, VR, AI, and 3D scanning, Forte Vision minimizes waste in both time and materials. The modern is mindful of the traditional. An example of this blend is our use throughout of long-lasting LED lighting that emits warm yellow hues reminiscent of a bygone era, avoiding harsh blue modern tones.


We take pride in the responsible sourcing of materials as well as people for our treasured projects. Whether it be wood or soft furnishing fabrics and fillings for interiors, for example, or metals and plastic alternatives for exteriors, we seek to find and use proven and trusted supplies that ensure the best use of resources. This extends from the smallest to the largest requirements. Forte Vision also embraces environmental responsibility by repurposing existing vehicle parts, when appropriate.


Steady “Barker” Special and its Forte Vision buck as pictured for Octane magazine,

Every vehicle made-to-order is as unique as you are. Forte Vision does not do runs of cars. Our design and manufacturing processes, carefully managed, are honed over decades of experience in the car industry, contrary to popular opinion allowing a single vehicle to work as a business proposition.

Forte Vision bespoke vehicles. A car for life. Your life.


Stuart Brown founded 3D Engineers, now Forte Vision, in 2007. He is a lifelong car enthusiast, also enthusiastic about all things design and technology. Importantly, Stuart’s work respects the old ways of doing things as well as the new, paying homage to the years of tradition in car design and manufacture with sensitive touches in shaping and finishes whilst make the most of modern offerings to define and elevate styling. Every aspect of the finished vehicle, whether seen or unseen, is enhanced by this approach.

To design cars Stuart believes you need to know cars. As well his general car knowledge, owning almost 140 cars of numerous types over his lifetime to date benefits Stuart’s imagination for his car creations daily. The list of cars is here. Not only owning, but using “enthusiastically”, over many miles and in situations from commuting into London every day to “making progress” to get to Le Mans overnight, the practical knowledge of what makes a car good or bad is detailed. With his own large resource of motoring literature and access to many unpublished writings, documents and motoring afficionados, this incredible bank of information is very powerful.

3D Engineers evolved and in 2023 Stuart changed the name to Forte Vision®™ as it more accurately reflected the developing breadth of the business.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Stuart espouses the use of AI to complement and enhance his 3D engineering design services which include 3D scanning, CAD, renders, bucks and design.

Forte Vision meets the needs and demands of the growing 3D world.

Five decades later, with the day job being high end cars, Forte Vision’s owner, Stuart Brown, although most often presenting in a suit, is also happy to work and have fun with the mundane stuff.
At the London Concours, 2023, in front of the Bensport La Sarthe. Forte Vision. as 3D Engineers, created the initial 3D design for the La Sarthe. Handing over at an early stage, over the last decade it has had many changes but is still recognisable as the initial concept.


Forte Vision’s depth and breadth of experience in our specialist fields is breath-taking, even to car connoisseurs. Our reputation has taken us all over the world and in many cases made us the go-to people, the exclusive business trusted to do the work and do it well. For example, to date, over 400 vehicles have been 3D scanned by us, including the rarest cars in the world, such as the Ferrari 250 GTO, the Bluebird-Proteus CN7 and the Aston Martin DB4 Zagato. Over 12 of our bespoke car designs have made production, with some originally intended as “one-offs” turning into production series, such as Jaguar XJ13 replicas. We’ve delivered, assembled and installed over eighty body bucks worldwide and have taught Computer-Aided Design (CAD) at University level. We live and breathe our work, walk the talk and always do our best for every client, no matter who they are.

Gaining experience is a life-long process and each job brings new challenges and opportunities which we embrace across all of our fields. The creation of car body bucks, for example, involves knowledge of cars classic and modern, prototyping techniques, manufacture, materials, 3D design, 3D scanning, software, hardware and much else. The end result? A buck that works and takes considerably less material to create than most other bucks you will see.


Forte Vision is one of the few businesses to have won two International Historic Motoring Awards, created in collaboration with Octane magazine, in the Innovation of the Year and Specialist of the Year categories. We also gained a further award as runner up for Specialist of the Year.

International-Historic-Motoring-Awards-Stuart Brown-Martin-Brundle-2011-2015-2016-Octane-Magazine
Forte Vision, formerly 3D Engineers, collecting an International Historic Motoring Award from Martin Brundle


Stuart Brown holds a Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Foundation Degree (Science) with Distinction. He is also qualified at the highest level in the SOLIDWORKS CAD program, earning the title SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design – Expert (CSWE). Numerous Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) and Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) exams, along with additional courses, further underscore our commitment to ongoing professional development. Our team’s expertise extends of course far beyond CAD engineering, demonstrated by completing the Easy Composites carbon fibre mold-making course. Brown’s separate achievement of a Helicopter License (PPL) embodies Forte Vision’s philosophy of pushing boundaries and constant professional development. Scared of flying? Overcome. Lacking a skill or hardware? Learn and obtain.


Forte Vision’s work, with some major features in specialist prestige car and tech magazines, includes a number of front covers, articles and significant references. Our work has also been used by software program creators, for example, including in publicity material and product application demonstrations. Stuart Brown has delivered talks globally, addressing forums like IMechE, The Bugatti Trust, Autodesk “REAL2015” conference in San Francisco, and Develop3D Live. These engagements included live debates and Q&A sessions about our sphere of work and we welcome all these opportunities.



Our automotive blog reflecting on cars owned, experiences and our work past, present and future.

Stuart's second 911. BOO 477X still exists on the DVLA database. First …

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