Stuart’s second 911. BOO 477X still exists on the DVLA database. First was a 911 Supersport Targa.

Pictured at Lancaster Porsche, as they were then called, who are located at Harston near Cambridge.

Used for commuting in all weather, including snow, from Woking to London. Fifty two mile round trip.

As with most 911, the skinnier the tyre the better the car. IMHO.

Memories. The snow. Was superb in it, with good rear traction coupled with the small tyre section. The ventilation was unfathomable. Just used to move the levers at random. My fault as there must have been a logic to it. Targa was good and I seem to remember lubricating it with petroleum jelly. Hated the Martini stripes and on removing, found that someone had painted the rear wing up to the stripe. This left a ledge of paint. Great. Another job to do.

Totally reliable as a hard used 11 year old (approx) car.

To sum up, a superb car and one I would love to meet again.